Make the Pledge

Make the Pledge

As the news stories and social media posts move on from the devastation in the north eastern Caribbean the affected islands are only beginning the daunting task of rebuilding. Make the pledge to stay in touch with the issues these islands face and to help in the future, or pledge to help the islands rebuild their main industry by visiting the Caribbean soon. One of the most powerful pledges you can make is to learn and do more about climate change, that helps the islands, the planet and all of us.

Yes! I stand with the Caribbean.

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Stay connected.

I pledge to stay connected to the issues the islands face and to help in the future. I want to receive updates about the islands.

Visit the Caribbean soon.

I pledge to visit the Caribbean soon to make new memories of the beauty of the islands and their people.

Do more about climate change.

I pledge to learn more and do more about the policies and human actions that impact global warming.

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