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Population Affected


Lives Lost



Struct. damaged: 70%

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Anguilla is a British overseas territory. The most northerly of the Leeward Islands was slammed by Hurricane Irma on September 7th. Extensive damage to most structures as well as it’s basic infrastructure. This popular high end tourist destination is approximately 16 miles by 3 miles, it’s capital The Valley suffered significant and even critical damage.

Important Considerations

Ways to Help

There are many ways to help. There are critical needs that have to be addressed immediately. It is also critical to think of the long term work needed to help Anguilla rebuild it’s revenue centers and infrastructure . To give now below you will find a list of local charities and organizations. Consider taking the pledge to stay connected to Anguilla and their recovery by committing to giving in the future so creating lasting impact. You can also commit to learning more and hopefully doing more about Climate Change and it’s impact on us all but particularly the most vulnerable places on earth.

Help people recover

Anguilla Red Cross
Overseas Department of the British Red Cross
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Help animals recover

Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation
The Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation (AARF) is a non–profit organization dedicated to the welfare of dogs, puppies, cats and kittens on the Caribbean island of Anguilla.
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Help the environment recover

Anguilla National Trust
Essential research and conservation work and work year-round to raise public awareness about the fragility, complexity, and beauty of the island’s natural and cultural resources.
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Make the Pledge.

To help these islands recover one of the most important things you can give is your long term attention. Take the pledge to stay informed about the recovery and needs of these special places. Any help now or in the future can make a difference. Also consider promising to visit the Caribbean soon. These islands all depend on Tourism to survive. You can even simply pledge to learn more and do more about Climate Change, that helps us all. Take the pledge, share it with your friends and make a lasting difference.