Rising C.org is a means of making a difference. We love the Caribbean. Many of us are from the Caribbean. At MOK2 (Brand Strategy and Experience Design) we deliver meaningful messages to create change. We all know many people affected by theses incredibly strong hurricanes. We wanted  to provide an easy way to understand the region, the critical needs and the ways to help. The purpose of this site is three fold 1) to provide information that can support effective assistance for the affected islands. 2) Help people understand and stay connected with the continuing efforts of the islands to rebuild as well as the geographic and economic factors that can make the aftermath of the storms even more damaging than the landfall. 3) Present a dialogue around climate change, communicate it’s human impact, it’s role in the increasingly damaging weather events like these hurricanes and how small economies and ancient populations are disproportionately affected. We do not take donations directly. We have attempted to provide links to charities and organizations that are on the ground and have been recommended as effective by people in the islands.

The reality is now that the news cameras and rescue teams have all but moved on and the social media posts are no longer top of feed these islands are still struggling to rebuild and in need of help. Their recovery will be long and hard due to a lack of resources. The islands are vulnerable to an ever increasing threat due to many factors including geography, poverty, policy and most of all Climate Change.Together we can help the Caribbean rise now and for the long term.


This website was conceptualized, designed and developed as a pro-bono effort by MOK2, Brand Strategy and Experience Design. We would like to thank the many people who have helped bring this important site into reality. We transfer credit and appropriate rights to the news organizations, photographers and writers of the 3rd party articles featured here. MOK2, Inc retains all other rights.

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PLEASE NOTE: The charities and organizations listed on this site have been provided by local contacts and/or research. They are not endorsed. The site is a community effort, if you would like to contribute content or provide information about effective organizations and updates on any of the islands please contact info@risingc.org.